This website exists to host podcast feeds of audible versions of of Wikipedia articles. These feeds can be opened with many podcast apps:

  1. RSS Podcast Feed for The Spoken Wikipedia Project. This RSS feed is comprised of almost all of the spoken articles listed the Wikipedia: Spoken Articles page. The ones that are missing are usually because they have not be transcoded to mp3, and a few that contain special characters (a bug in my script I will fix soon). The shownotes list categories and the voice artist, so if you like a topic or a voice, typically you can search for more of the same. Source code of the script that generates it. Tested and known to work with AntennaPod (Android only) and Pocket Casts (Android and iOS) and Apple Podcasts. AntennaPod works slightly better since it shows images for individual episodes and has better search and filter functionality, which helps when you're dealing with 1600 episodes.
  2. RSS Podcast Feed for AI-generated audible Wikipedia Articles. This RSS feed is comprised of Wikipedia Articles generated with open source TTS engine TorToiSe. Further info and scripts used to generate here.

This is a project of Joseph Morris, a lawyer-programmer who likes to ride bikes and listen to Wikipedia articles. More on me, and contact info, here.